Lets talk about affordable housing, and how it will affect you:

and here is the link directly to Freddie Mac's initiative:

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Every once in a while we need to take the time to reflect on the things truly important to us. The hardships, the advances, the entire picture must be seen in order to create our vision. After my Power Players photo shoot that will be released in CS Magazine in December of 2017 I took some great time to reflect on all I am thankful for. I am in the gym 5 days a week, eating only clean sustainable vegetables and hearty proteins, and my mind is razor sharp. I am ready to enter the next echelon of my life, career, health, and make sure my spiritual journey is full of enlightenment and fulfillment. I wish this for everyone I know and I hope you all can see that vision in myself, and that I wish ...

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An essential summation to this week and just life in general right now. On the tails of writing a piece with my business partner for Northern IL Real Estate Magazine, we are told we have been nominated for lender of the year, and myself for the category of Loan Officer Of the Year! An esteemed accomplishment I did not expect and cannot be more grateful and thankful for. Voting runs until Oct 5th and you can vote by going to so I can win! The group of peers I am among is a true honor and I have to really think of the events in my life as of late and how much I have to appreciate. When others do not appreciate what you offer them or bring into their life it's simple, like the s...
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9/11 is a reminder of when Americans came together as one in a tragic moment. We all have to do that for Florida right now.

When friends of mine ask why own vs rent? I am happy that there are articles like this to help:

Sometimes you just have to be more #creative than others in #RealEstate..

Make today #AMAZING! Mondays are a fresh start & chance to take hold of your week!! #MondayMotivation

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