TK refers to his time in Munroe as his past life and one he would never change for the world. During his 20s he was featured in several magazines such as Clubline and Spin. He sold out House of Blues and The Metro which are very well-known famous Chicago venues. He played all of The Chicago Rock Radio Station morning shows like Q101, 95.1 Wiil and the 97.9 The Loop. His band was also featured on the NBC 5 Television morning show feature for a charity event he performed on. Music is a passion that he believes everyone can share and it was something that he truly loved to share with his friends and fans. His music is still available on Amazon and iTunes and through the relationships he created throughout the music business. It is not uncommon to find him onstage, backstage or out with many of today's greatest artists. If you would like to hear any of the music TK produced and wrote while in Munroe, please go to